Saturday, October 11, 2014

Royals Steal One By Not Stealing

Here's the thing about the Kansas City Royals:

They run. They don't hit home runs. 30th in baseball in round-trippers. That puts them behind the legendarily punchless Padres, whose best HR threat spent most of the season hitting .161 on an unraveled foot and who play in a park the size of Yosemite. That put them behind the Phillies, a team so old and poorly constructed there should have been a keg at second base during home games. They had fewer home runs than Buffalo, Durham, Toledo and Scranton, and those teams don't even play in the majors. They won on speed and a shut-down bullpen, and that was about all they had.

Last night. their bullpen coughed up the last of what had been a 5-1 lead. Their designated base stealing monster, Jarrod Dyson, went into second base so fast he slid off the bag and got tagged out (with a Hrbekian assist) by Jonathan Schoop. The Royals would not in fact steal a base in this game; the Orioles would steal two. And the Royals would waste a bases-loaded no one out opportunity against suddenly wild O's closer Zach Britton. 

And of course, they'd also club 3 home runs, including 2 in the 10th inning. Because that's how baseball works, and irony lives in a space bounded by 90 foot long white lines between bases.

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