Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your Weekly ACC Roundup: Weak 8 Edition

People describe a conference as "competitive" when they want to say one of two things.

One, they mean that the conference is really, really good and that the level of competition is high.

Two, they mean that the conference is filled with mediocre, flawed teams, any of whom can beat any other of whom depending on whose tarot cards were most favorable that morning.

The SEC West is one kind of conference. The ACC, where a horrid UNC team managed to give up its weekly average of 43 points to one-loss Georgia Tech and still win, is the other.

It is always tempting, if you root for a type 2 conference, to confuse it with a type 1 conference. This is a mistake, and will cause you no end of sadness if you attempt to argue the position with anyone who is not already ideologically inclined in your direction.

Oh, and Clemson may have figured out how to stop Clemsoning. So good for them.

That is all.
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