Friday, November 22, 2013

The Official Sportsthodoxy Position On the Alex Rodriguez Arbitration Hearing

Be it resolved that we at Sportsthodoxy feel that:

Alex Rodriguez storming out of his arbitration hearing may have been a product of genuine anger upon hearing that Commissioner Selig would not be compelled to testify, but his filmed radio appearance with Mike Francesca was bad amateur theater of the sort that would get laughed out of most 3-day LARPs;

Selig not testifying at the arbitration hearing of the guy he arbitrarily slapped with a 211 game suspension is cowardly at best and indicative of bullcrap at worst;

Any talk of "legacy" on the part of either Rodriguez or Selig is so much bullpuckey to obscure the fact that this about the rules, and the enforcement thereof;

With all the talk of stolen and illegally purchased evidence, the whole thing has become quite nauseating;

Therefore, be it resolved that you are both jerks. 

Bud, put up or shut up with the proof against Rodriguez and then act like a commissioner, in accordance with the binding and negotiated CBA. Alex, enough with the grade school theatrics. You make yourself less sympathetic, even to supporters of due process, every time you open your mouth to spout a carefully written and awfully delivered line. If you didn't do PEDs, let the evidence speak for you. If you did, knock it off already and go away like you're supposed to.

But for the love of God, both of you, shut up. You're embarrassing. 
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