Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Your Weekly ACC Update: Duke Brings The Pain Edition

They are now running commercials on local sports talk radio where they talk about Duke football bringing the pain.

Duke football. 

As in "good seats, still available". As in "this is the first time ever - EVER - Duke has been bowl eligible in two consecutive seasons". 

Amazing what a win over Miami and jumping into the driver's seat in the Coastal Division can do for a program, which presumably has dreams of owning the Triangle's gridirons for the foreseeable future. (UNC, on the other hand, has plenty of fans disguised as empty seats over at Kenan Stadium). Of course, all that means is that come ACC Championship game day, it's the Blue Devils that are going to get added to the list of Florida State's victims, but in the meantime, they're making a hell of a run. David Cutcliffe's name is going to be on the very, very short list for whatever high profile jobs come open after the season; if you can win at Duke, you can win anywhere.

Florida State 59, Syracuse 3 - That's not a typo. They won last week 59-3, too.
Clemson 55, Georgia Tech 31 - Running teams are not built to come from behind, even in college, where a first down stops the clock. Tech got behind early. 'nuff said.
Boston College 38, NC State 21 - State is 3-0 outside of ACC play. State is 3-7 overall. 'nuff said.
UNC 34, Pitt 27 - UNC has quietly ripped off quite the win streak. They won this one despite being out gained and losing the time of possession battle, which just goes to show that if you score a couple of TDs off returns, you don't need your offense to do quite as much. Both these teams should become bowl eligible next week.
Maryland 27, VT 24 - Just when we thought that last week's ambush of Miami meant that the Hokies were back, they turn in this stinker against a Maryland team that's already counting the minutes until they're in the Big 10 and get to play Northwestern on a regular basis. What that tells us is A)that Miami really is that bad now that their offense has been swiss cheesed by injuries and B)Maryland is bowl eligible, and 2-4 in conference.

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