Wednesday, March 27, 2013

USA Defeats Mexico 0-0

Before tonight the United States men's national soccer team had never beaten the Mexican national team in World Cup qualifying matches held in Mexico.  That record still stands.  But the US MNT had only tied Mexico in Estadio Azteca once, back in '97.

That's changed. Clint Dempsey and a bunch of who-deys just tied the Mexicans 0-0, holding off a 20-minute endgame assault that saw at least four corner kicks and one free kick in the defensive third.

Maurice Edu looked terrible at midfield for the USA; more than once he was caught watching the ball in the defensive third instead of picking a man up. DaMarcus Beasley looked far older than his thirty years.

But there were some bright spots. Graham Zusi -- who I love to see play because it gives me a chance to shout ZUUUUSIII YOU GOT SOME SPLAINING TO DO -- hustled all night. Brad Guzan made some heroic plays in goal.

There were some other, criminal bright spots: the fans at Estadio Azteca persist in shining lasers at players. When will FIFA put a stop to this? It's only slightly less dangerous than hurling bottles onto the pitch.

I don't understand a lot of Jurgen Klinsmann's substitution decisions; it seemed like he kept taking out the guys who were playing well. But to some extent it worked.

The next round starts in April... and in that round, Mexico's national team visits the USA.
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