Monday, March 25, 2013

Still More NCAA Thoughts

  • OK, now Florida Gulf Coast can bronze their program.
  • Who here picked LaSalle to be the last Philly team standing in the tournament?
  • Who here still had anyone from Philly still standing in the tournament?
  • Imagine what Khalif Wyatt would have done if he'd had both hands working.
  • On the other hand, you probably did have Marshall Henderson listed as first out in your "insufferable beyond belief" player elimination pool. Who's next - Craft or Plumlee?
  • Can we get a Florida Gulf Coast story, just one, that doesn't mention that the coach is married to a former swimsuit model? Please? We haven't hit Easterbrookian levels of creepiness with this one yet, but it's getting close.
  •  So Ben Howland is out at UCLA despite his track record, and the guy who beat him, Tubby Smith, is likely out too despite, you know, winning in the NCAAs. Sad to see that winning the prestigious CarQuest Bowl provides more job security than that, but hey, we already knew the football guys had a better deal. 
  • Is there even still a CarQuest Bowl out there? And what does it say about the bowl landscape that I can't remember?
  • Can we please let the tournament freaking end before the annual "Were will Shaka Smart/Brad Stevens/coach of mid-major team that made a run be coaching next year gets turned up to a boil? Stop anticipating next year's games and enjoy this year's, people.
  • Is there any sportswriter out there who saps the joy out of a thrilling game faster than Darren Rovell? The absolute last thing I care about during tourney time is whether a team is paying for their own uniforms or not. Breaking that sort of story is not like breaking Watergate; it's a desperate cry for attention from the undersocialized nerd at the corner of the party who's decided to dominate the conversation by overwhelming everyone else there with obscure Star Wars trivia. Even if you like Star Wars, you still want to pour a drink on that guy's head.

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