Sunday, March 31, 2013

The All Big-N-Where-N>10 Final Four

Remember when that was a thing? When the Big 10 was so dominant that we were looking at the possibility of an all-Big 10 Final Four? When it didn't look like anyone could stop the conference from unleashing the sort of dominance one normally sees in back issues of The Incredible Hulk.
That was, what, a week ago?
The Big 10 still has one team alive and in the Final Four. So does the MVC, and nobody's talking about that conference as being a star-spanning empire of destruction. The Big East - the much-maligned, collapsing in on itself Big East - might have 2. Hell, we may have a rematch of the Big East championship game in our futures, depending on whether Duke can slow Louisville down today.
All of which just goes to show that the desperate hunt for storylines and deep analysis, the quest to find Deeper Meaning and hastily impose saleable narratives, tends to make you look kind of foolish down the road. "Big 10 Dominance" was a great hook for a couple of days' worth of clickthroughs, but we're living in an age where that stuff lives forever online instead of getting wrapped around fish or dropped in the bottom of a birdcage. Perhaps a little less hyperbole and a slightly slower rush to superficial conclusions might serve the evolution of the medium better.
Then again, clicks. And I hear "Wichita State Could Win It All!" is the new hotness.
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