Friday, March 22, 2013

Random NCAA Tourney Thoughts

  • Thus far, this is the year of the furious second half comeback that falls just short. Sorry, Villanova.
  • Florida Gulf Coast should just bronze its program now. It will never get better thn beating a number two seed in the tournament after beating another 2 seed earlier in the year.
  • New Mexico. Possible 1 seed. Not so much.
  • Selection committee, get on ths - next year, we need an opening weekend matchup between Georgetown and Belmont. The high seed that always loses vs the darling upset pick tht never wins? Must see TV right there.
  • Yet another reason to hate Duke - Ryan Kelly referred to the round of 32 as "the third round". Which it technically is, but NOT THE POINT.
  • Not a good year for The Big East. But we knew that already
  • Where exactly did those "Montana over Syracuse" nonsense picks come from, anyway?
  • Hoping for LaSalle to make a deep run so they go diving into that classic Lionel Simmons footage.
  • Notre Dame seems to have forgotten the "Fighting" part of their name. Or perhaps they didn't have room for it after they packed the green knee socks

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