Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Meeting Thoughts

  • According to mlbtraderumors, "Jon Heyman says that Peavy is frustrated by the team's inability to trade him." Well, yes, that happens when you will only allow trades to a very few teams, who may not have the interest or payroll flexibility to take on a Jake Peavy.
  • Fox clearly won the online coverage wars of these winter meetings. ESPN's coverage updated intermittently, and contained generous helpings of Steve Philips randomly reporting that the Yankees were looking to trade Robinson Cano to Omicron Persei 8 in exchange for Lrrr and a generous supply of human horn. BP's coverage had depth, but not the constant presence that Ken Rosenthal provided for Fox.
  • Incidentally, was it just me or were these meetings fun to follow? Even without many big deals, there was an enjoyable sense of imminence and possibility, which is really what the Hot Stove League is all about. If all the players simply signed deals as soon as they could, what would we have to talk about all winter?
  • In their one move, the Phillies traded a AAA player (Jason Jaramillo) who projects as a backup catcher for an older, more expensive backup catcher who's essentially the same player (Ronny Paulino). Did Chris Coste run over Charlie Manuel's cat? TP Reuben Amaro's house? Put sand in the Phanatic's scooter's gas tank? There's really no other explanation for this deal.
  • I don't much like the K-Rod signing, but the Putz deal was inspired for the Mets. The biggest things they gave up were a 1B prospect who's light in the thunder department and a pitcher who may not haunt them for years; in exchange they got serious help for their pen. Repeat after me: Aaron Heilman is not that good, and if he'd been pitching anywhere but New York for the last few years, he'd be Tim Stauffer.
  • Apparently the Phillies are trying to unload Adam Eaton for a roll of Garden State Parkway tokens. This is not a surprise. They have found no takers. This is not a surprise, either.
  • Every time Scott Boras suggests that there's "another team involved" in the bidding for one of his clients, I automatically assume it's the Springfield Isotopes.
  • Have any of these teams supposedly avidly pursuing Raul Ibanez ever actually seen him in the field? He makes me sincerely appreciate Pat Burrell, and that's saying something.
  • I strongly suspect that Edwin Jackson will be the Tigers' closer by midseason at the latest.
  • Note to - the key part of "draft tracker" software on a website is that it, you know, tracks the draft. Those few of us who pay attention to the Rule V draft care, you know...
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