Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Manufactured Controversy

Monday night's snoozefest was largely interesting for the way in which Tony Kornheiser relentlessy attempted to drive the "Is this McNabb's last year in Philly!" narrative in the absence of any actual evidence. Meanwhile, backup/heir apparent/Danny McBride lookalike Kevin Kolb came in for the fourth quarter and threw two passes. One was tipped, one was tipped, intercepted, and returned for the Browns' first TD since they were running Otto Graham and Ernest Byner out there in the same backfield. If the Eagles dump McNabb and put that out there next season, even if the Eagles' late-season playoff run falls short, the green-and-white lunkheads will in fact burn the city to the ground. There is no controversy, because there is no real option to replace McNabb, at least not yet. Maybe if Kolb actually shows something in the next couple of games there'll be one, though considering how tight they're likely to be, I doubt he'll see the field. But it mainly became a topic through repetition and nothing more, the same way the Schottenheimer-to-Cleveland rumor, roundly denounced as bullshit by all involved, kept on getting brought up. And this was despite the fact that the announcers themselves admitted to knowing there was nothing to it. But what the hell, it's a narrative, so let's run with it.

Because Kolb sure as hell can't pass with it.
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