Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh, Plex....

There's a lot of idle chatter about how athletes think they're bulletproof. Thanks to Plaxico Burress, we have more definitive evidence that this isn't the case. We also have an interesting mess as relates to how sports and society intersect, and how much you'll be allowed to get away with - or be crucified for - if you're an athlete and commit a crime. If the fans love you, you can get away with, well, you can get away with a lot. On the other hand, once John Q. Public* turns against you, you're not going anywhere, as evidenced by the lengthy travails of Mr. Barry Lamar Bonds.

The real issue, of course, is that Burress violated New York City gun laws, and may have conspired to hide evidence of that fact. He accidentally shot himself with a gun he claimed he was carrying because, as he told the restaurant staff, he was carrying large amounts of cash. Of course, saying you're carrying a ton of cash is at best, stupidity and at worst, incitement; whatever Plex was thinking, it wasn't too bright.

That being said, at this point it doesn't matter what the Giants plan to do with him. It matters what the New York criminal justice system plans to do with him. Once the lady with the scales finishes up, then and only then should the Giants' plans and responses matter. In the meantime, he can't play football because, like a dumbass, he shot himself. And, to be blunt, one cannot help but think that the sports-watching public of the greater New York area wouldn't be quite so eager to see justice done if Plex had performed a little better this season.
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