Monday, December 08, 2008

BCS Thought

Oklahoma and Florida may not be the 2 best teams in the country. However, they are the two teams everyone outside of Austin thinks are the best, which accomplishes what the BCS is after for another year.

Incidentally, can we get enough of this "SEC is the best conference in football ZOMGWTF" nonsense already? Yes, Florida and Alabama make a formidable 1-2. But beyond that, you have an underachieving Georgia, a mediocre South Carolina and LSU, and a bowl-eligible Vandy team that lost to Duke. Mississippi seems like the best bet, and they had to beat up on a Formerly Directional Louisiana School and Sanford to get there. Meanwhile the rest of the conference is, frankly, meh.

For my money, I'll go Big 12, at least this year. When a 9-4 Missouri is your fifth-best team, you've got something going on.
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