Friday, May 02, 2008

Roger that Rogering, Roger

As Lester Munson over at pointed out, the Roger Clemens - Mindy McCready foofaraw is unlikely to have any actual effect on Clemens' lawsuit against Brian MacNamee. What it serves as is a first barrage across the decks of the HMS Rocket, sweeping the rigging and warning him that if the suit continues, MacNamee and his lawyers are going to unleash every bit of dirt they know, and whatever "damage" MacNamee might have done to Clemens' reputation in the Mitchell Report is going to look Inch-High Private Eye standing next to Godzilla.

Lost in all this is how desperately sad Mindy McCready's story is. At best, she's being portrayed as a publicity-crazed train wreck who's unleashed this to help promote her upcoming reality show. Then again, this is a woman who has suffered repeated abuse, addiction, suicide attempts, and God knows what else, and who now is being hounded by the media over whether or not she went for a ride on the Rocket when she was 15. That's not a life I'd wish on anyone, brief Nashville stardom or not, and you can probably trace a lot of it back to folks making the sorts of decisions that put her in a known ballplayers' bar when she was all of 15. Or, as we like to call it around here, in tenth grade.

Frankly, I don't care about Clemens' marital indiscretions. Those are between him and his wife. But I can't see how his involvement in this particular train wreck does him any credit. HGH or no HGH, steroids or no steroids, it doesn't matter if they waited until McCready was "legal" before getting it on - it's all pretty damn creepy, and for this if nothing else, Clemens ought to be ashamed.
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