Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hawks Win, Force Game Six

There are several reasons I'd love the Atlanta Hawks to take out the Boston Celtics in their upcoming game 7.
  • Because if I'm anything, I'm a Sixers fan, and thus always want the Celtics to lose.
  • Because it will put an end to those endless "record number of wins improvement!" stories and pre-fab coronations we've been hearing for months now. Yes, add a bunch of All-star talent and your team generally gets better. This is not a surprise.
  • Because every reporter and analyst in the world picked the Celtics in 4. 3, if possible.
  • And because it will put a very dull stick in Bill Simmons' eye. Simmons, who has been treating this particular agglomeration of green-clad mercenaries like he's 14 and they're his private porn stash, suffered an epic meltdown in print when his beloved Patriots gakked away the Super Bowl. To have it happen twice in one sports calendar year, well, the only comparison would be the "Dog Whisperer" episode of South Park, where Cartman gets firmly, repeatedly put in his place.

I don't think it's likely to happen, but damn, it would be sweet if it did.
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