Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mudcat on a Hot Tin Roof

I took my dad to see the Carolina Mudcats/West Tenn Diamond Jaxxxxxxx game at Five County Stadium last night. It was a great game, filled with multiple comebacks, fantastic defensive plays, and the ever-amusing antics of Muddy the Mudcat. That being said, a couple of things stood out.

  • Brett Sinkbeil has added a couple of ticks to his fastball, getting up to 97 on the stadium gun. That being said, he kept on getting it up in the zone, and got pounded as a result. One got the feeling the Mudcats were leaving him out there just to get innings, because West Tenn figured him out early and often.
  • Uber-prospect Cameron Maybin looked good, with a sharp batting eye. He took three walks in the game, and came *this* close to a game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth. Unfortunately, after that he started hacking, and ended up striking out.
  • I have never before seen a game where one team's DH - West Tenn's Prentice Redman (think about that for a minute. Prentice Redman, Designated Hitter) had a .221 BA coming into the game, and was by far the better option of the two. Carolina's Kris Harvey was at .101 when the game started, and went down from there. What's the .100 line called? Sub-Mendoza? The Uecker Line? A demotion High-A Jupiter?
  • Top to botton, the Mudcats' lineup was one of the weakest I've ever seen. Mendoza city, if you know what I mean. It didn't help that the West Tenn started was a junkballer, barely touching 90 on the gun but getting them to tap out weakly to short more often than not. Carolina went up hacking early and often, and through four innings, they'd seen all of forty pitches.
  • Sinkbeil also seemed to have a weird little hesitation in his delivery. Someone who knows more about pitching than I could probably comment on it.
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