Friday, February 01, 2008

The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky...

If you listen carefully to the HDTV ads that run on ESPN radio, you'll notice something frightening. In the ones where it's noted ripper-off-of-blogs/DoS maven/dreadful prognosticator Colin Cowherd rambles on about how great those HDTVs are, Cowherd slips in a "We recommend."

Not "I recommend."

Not "ESPN radio recommends."

"WE recommend."

Apparently either Mr. Cowherd's real name is Legion (not impossible, if you've listened to his show), we should start referring to him as "Your Majesty King Kolin" (more alliterative that way), or he's having what Daffy Duck refers to as "pronoun trouble". But the idea of Cowherd having disappeared so far up his own yin-yang that he speaks of himself in the royal we - and let's face it, it's a radio ad, and it's not like those are expensive to re-shoot with your in-house talent - is a little disturbing.
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