Thursday, February 07, 2008

It Touched Your Butt So I Want To Save It

The $64 question that Mike Greenberg had this morning about Brian McNamee's syringe-and-gauze-and-Clemens-bodily-fluid collection was "Why did he keep it?" Everything else about the scenario made sense to him, but not that. Why, oh why, would McNamee keep this stuff?

I can think of two possible answers: blackmail or protection. The former seems unlikely, seeing how long McNamee sat on it even in the face of legal pressure. The latter...well, this stuff didn't come out until Roger publicly threw him under the bus in January. And now it's in the hands of the DoJ, and the two of them are spending more time on Capitol Hill than many elected officials, and at least one of them is going to go down swinging and most likely into prison orange.

Mind you, none of it was necessary. All Roger had to do was 'fess up - whether he did it or not - and pull a Giambi. He'd be lauded for his bravery in coming forward, extolled for admitting he made a mistake, and able to cut the legs out from under McNamee by confessing to whatever he could be accused of. Instead, he played it like the rest of the world was crowding his plate. Unfortunately, public opinion can occasionally turn on an inside fastball, and jack it out of the yard. Unless McNamee saved the wrong tucchis track marks, that's what we;re going to see next.
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