Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hoist On Their Own Bedard

Peter Angelos, debating the Bedard trade

Ultimately, the Erik Bedard trade makes sense for both teams. Bedard's trade value was high, and it made sense to trade him before another in-season injury knocked it down a peg. Besides, he was never going to re-sign in Baltimore; what sane player would? As for the Mariners, their organizational approach toward prospects seems to be "Rush 'em to the majors, watch them flail around for a bit because they're not ready, then bury them". So getting a top-flight major league pitcher in exchange for assets they were well on their way to bungling all the value out of is a win for them. Besides, they were dealing from strength. Lose an outfield prospect in Adam Jones? There's Wladimir Balientin coming up behind him. Lose a pitching prospect or three? There's Morrow, and Aumont.

So the Orioles get to restock an utterly barren roster with some high-upside players. The Mariners manage to turn a resource they otherwise would have pissed away into something useful. And we got months of reading/blogging material over how much meddling Peter Angelos was doing in the deal. It's a win for everyone.
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