Thursday, February 07, 2008

Phillies interested in Benson

At least according to Todd Zolecki of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The really frightening part of this, for me, is not that the Phillies are interested in Benson. I mean, either he can pitch, or his arm will detach from his body and fly into the upper deck mid-pitch. Either way, it's better than another year of vintage Adam Eaton. It's not even the thought of Anna Benson going through the Manayunk nightlife like a Japanese whaling ship harvesting the Pacific.

No, it's the words "Phillies scout Chuck LaMar".

As in former Devil Rays GM Chuck LaMar.

As in "the guy who traded the Phillies Bobby Abreu in exchange for Kevin Stocker".

THIS is the guy the Phils have evaluating talent?

Waiter, check please...
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