Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear Yourself Saying In A Fantasy Baseball League

Levale Speigner: Not At All Asleep

  1. “With that pitchers’ park, there’s going to be a lot of sleepers on the Nationals’ staff.”
  2. “We’ve added fielding stats this year, so I’m glad I got Derek Jeter. He’s a Gold Glover, you know.”
  3. Pittsburgh’s not playing, so there goes the stat line for half my team.”
  4. “I’m sure Houston will settle into a predictable outfield rotation soon.”
  5. “If I can just hold on until Roger Clemens comes out of retirement, I’ll be fine.”
  6. “He’s really the power in Seattle’s lineup.”
  7. “I’m glad I got Jorge Julio. I needed another closer.”
  8. “Prior, Harden, and Sheets have got to be healthy this year. They’re due.”
  9. “Sure, he’s 43, but he’s a young 43.”
  10. Kansas City is a hitter’s park. I’m sure he’ll come around soon.”

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