Sunday, April 08, 2007

In Case You're Wondering...

...the guy's last name is pronounced "Coward".

His show is unlistenable in any case, the same sort of lad-yakkery that is barely tolerable from a drunk buddy in a bar, but urging his listeners to shut down for no apparent reason is beyond the pale. I have a mental image of a nine-year-old giggling after flushing a lit M-80 down the school toilet.

One hopes that ESPN's new person of ombudsness is less of a pushover than her predecessor, whose primary function seemed to be shaking his head sadly over how much coverage was devoted to Terrell Owens. So far, all we've gotten has been a statement of disapproval. Considering that the blabbermouth in question was previously caught lifting material from the blogs he claims to despise, it would seem that doing more than giving him a stern look would be in order.
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