Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Charlie Manuel Don't Surf

One of these two torments Superman, the other appears on Smallville.

Having grown up in Philadelphia (and met Howard Eskin), I can't entirely blame Charlie Manuel for losing it all over Eskin during (and after) a press conference. The Phillies are playing awful baseball, with Charlie's derrierre firmly in the crosshairs as a result, and Eskin fancies himself the Socratic gadfly of the Philly sports scene. (Hint: He's really more of the Thrasymichus.) While Manuel's profanity-laced tirade and offer to introduce Eskin to the clubhouse concrete aren't exactly what you'd call desirable employee behavior, they do sound like the acts of a guy realizing the axe is about to come down and figuring "what do I have to lose?" And if this actually lights some kind of a fire under the Phillies - doubtful, considering tonight's performance, but youneverknow - then maybe it will be considered managerial genius.
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