Monday, April 30, 2007

Clutching At Straws

My fannish despair over the Eagles' draft this past weekend is mitigated by two things:

One, this looks eerily reminiscent of the famous 3-DB draft, when despite having the best secondary in the league, the Eagles drafted Michael Lewis, Lito Sheppard et alia to prepare for the inevitable departures down the road. That one turned out all right.

Two, I've never even heard of most of the guys the Eagles (or anyone else) picked, so really, I wouldn't even know where to start complaining about them. (Note: One of the Eagles' picks, CB Rashad Barksdale of Albany, is so obscure that ESPN didn't even have anything on him. Me, I just had no idea they even played football at Albany, but ESPN listed 5 possible draft prospects out of the school. Barksdale, for the record, did not make that list.)
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