Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weekly ACC Roundup - Week 4 (Good Things Happened)

Simply put, it was a really good week for the ACC. How good? Consider this:

  • Syracuse won.
  • Wake Forest beat a Power 5 team - OK, it was Indiana, but even so.
  • Virginia, the Silverchair of ACC teams, beat Central Michigan, which I guess means they transitively beat Oklahoma State.
  • Virginia Tech stomped recent nemesis East Carolina.
  • Boston College won. Yes, they beat Wagner (not sure if it was Robert, Jack, or Lindsay, though honestly, I'd take the Bionic Woman and the points). But they won. That makes twice this year. 
  • And Duke beat yes-we-are-no-we-aren't-semi-sorta conference member Notre Dame, which, considering Duke's previous efforts this year, comes as a cat-beats-alligator level surprise. 

Now, it's easy to point to the opponents of the teams listed above and dismiss them as, well, not very good. Because, to be honest, they aren't. But these are the sorts of weeks and the sorts of teams that tend to trip ACC teams - especially those below the salt - up, badly. And to have the ACC simply take care of business is a positive change from what we're used to seeing.

Elsewhere, Louisville took care of business against Marshall. Marshall, however, managed to A)score more points and B)give up fewer points to Louisville than Florida State did. So that's a thing. 
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