Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Refs Are Unfair

Yes, Oklahoma State got screwed by a bad call in their lost to Central Michigan. 

If memory serves, Troy also got screwed by a bad call in their loss to Clemson. Which, oddly enough, wasn't the lead story when folks reported on that game. And innumerable small schools always find themselves somehow on the short end of bad calls when playing Power 5 - God, how I hate that term - schools. It is expected for the calls to go the way of the big team, of the big star - hell, we have all sorts of chinwagging bullshit terms for it, "earning the strike" and "rookies don't get that call" and so forth. But it's not supposed to happen this way. It's not supposed to happen to the rich kid. 

So, yeah. Sucks for the guys on the OSU football team. Sucks for the Big 12 to have another playoff contender knocked out of the payday, err, competition early. But honestly, it's called karma. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy than Mike "I'm a man!" Gundy. 

So suck it up, big boys, and see how everyone else feels for a while. At least until OSU's sugar daddy T. Boone Pickens decides to buy the NCAA to get the call reversed or something. 
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