Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Brief Message On LeBron James

From the editorial board of Sportsthodoxy, to wit:

If you are one of the tens of thousands flooding sports talk radio or comments sections on your favorite sites about the personal, spiritual, and moral failings of LeBron James, then we would like to kindly offer the following advice:

Go grab a cheeseburger and shut the hell up.

If you are still mad over "The Decision", get over it. Alternately, donate as much money as James did to charity from the broadcast rights to "The Decision", at which point you still won't have grounds for criticizing it, but at least you'll have done some good.

If you have one of those ridiculous hot takes like "He doesn't work hard enough" or "he doesn't want it bad enough", kindly A)explain how you know these things and B)get on the court with him and go through one of his workouts, then reconsider your opinion.

If you don't like him, that's fine. He's done some unlikable things, like playing armchair psychologist through Twitter or armchair GM or whatever. And if that bothers you, go to town. Just lay off the desperate, flailing need to find some sort of moral failing in James to explain why his team is losing in the Finals again. And if you can find a moral justification for how Kevin Love's bad defense is somehow James' failure, or you can pin Kyrie Irving's occasional allergic reactions to passing on James' moral fiber, or you can explain how Ty Lue's substitution patterns are an indicator of moral turpitude on LeBron's part, you've been smoking better stuff than I've ever seen. 
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