Sunday, March 01, 2015

Tinfoil Angels Cap Alert

So your new baseball conspiracy theory, hot off the presses...

  1. New commissioner Rob Manfred has repeatedly gone on record as holding positions that are largely in line with the owners' economic interests (speeding up the game w/o cutting any of those precious commercials, etc.) and tilted away from those of the players.
  2. Angels OF Josh Hamilton is about to have his suspension for a drug relapse announced. It could be a very long suspension.
  3. Hamilton makes a lot of money, and in the minds of many, did not quite live up to that contract.
  4. By suspending Hamilton, Manfred provides a great deal of salary relief to Angels owner Arte Moreno.
  5. Moreno is one of Manfred's bosses. 
Far-fetched, of course. But like they say, I'm just the one asking the questions.

(and if Manfred weighs in on the Yankees' attempt to avoid paying A-Rod his HR bonuses,well, that's just another piece of evidence, isn't it.)
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