Sunday, March 23, 2014

Random NCAA Tournament Thoughts So Far...

A few stray observations from the tournament so far...

  • A 5 seed is code for "you were in the Top 10 earlier in the year but you're playing like crap now".
  • We're all looking forward to Coach Mike Krzyzewski crowing about how the A-10 got too many bids at his second round press confe-oh, wait, never mind.
  • If Wichita State goes down in the round of 32, it will be used as evidence to support the notion that non-football conference schools shouldn't be #1 seeds. If Virginia goes down to Memphis, it will be studiously ignored.
  • Dayton's in the Sweet 16. Let's just savor that for a moment, especially after all the overheated "Dayton vs. St. Joe's in the A-10 tournament is an elimination game!" nonsense.
  • Expect Connecticut to quickly acquire a media-approved Cinderella ball gown because they A)have won two squeakers and B)are a team people have heard of.
  • If Gonzaga wins, people will remember Gonzaga's actually in the tournament this year.
  • Mercer vs. Tennessee guarantees us another double-digit seed in the Sweet 16 this year. Television execs are already popping Xanax like Sweet Tarts at the thought they might advance further.
  • The collective seedings of Michigan State, Louisville, and Kentucky are proof positive that the selection committee has given up and now just plays word association games when putting together their brackets.
  • Thanks a lot, Villanova. *crumples up bracket and throws it away*

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