Tuesday, March 25, 2014

8 Things We Will See Moving Into The Sweet 16

  • There are 2 AAC teams still alive in the tournament: UConn and Louisville. There is one ACC team: Virginia. Look for ACC fans to start pre-emptively claiming Louisville as one of their own, even though the Cardinals don't jump conferences until next year.
  • Roughly 98% of the locals grousing about how all of the NC Triangle teams have been bounced from the tournament will mention Duke and Carolina. Some will mention NC State. Almost none will mention North Carolina Central, which, at 28-6, had the best record of any of the bunch.
  • With Dayton's Archie Miller off the table (theoretically) and SDSU's Steve Fisher locked in, there are no poachable mid-major coaches left. Expect the speculation to turn to Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin and Stanford's Johnny Dawkins. Both were on the hot seat earlier in the season; both got double digit seeds into the Sweet 16 and both are probably feeling under appreciated right about now.
  • Expect the speculation over the peculiar seeding of the Midwest Regional to continue. Either the committee deliberately set up a vastly underseeded Kentucky team to take on unbeaten Wichita State, with the winner potentially getting last year's defending champ (and UK's in-state rival) for the ratings, or they're the luckiest sonsabitches out there. WSU-Kentucky was the highest rated Round of 32 game since the early 1990s. I don't believe in luck.
  • With every round Virginia advances, the more pissed off UW-Green Bay fans are going to get. 
  • Most of the projected first round of the NBA draft, excuse Kentucky, has already been eliminated. Expect an endless stream of stories questioning the toughness and "will to win" of all these guys for getting bounced early. Bonus bullcrap story: at least one guy out there is going to try to compare Creighton's Doug McDermott to legendary draft flop Adam "My Mustache Is A Thing Of Gossamer Beauty" Morrison
  • #11 Dayton vs #10 Stanford means we will have at least one double digit seed in the Elite 8. In the unlikely event that Tennessee beats Michigan, there will be 2. Commence crafting the forced Cinderella narrative.
  • TV ratings for the remainder of the tournament will drop precipitously in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. 
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