Monday, March 10, 2014

Phil-Jax and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Owner

As of the writing of this post, Phil Jackson has not yet accepted an offered post with the New York Knickerbockers basketball organization.

To this dawdling, which we can assume is due to A)Phil's desire to join the Lakers instead B)Phil's reluctance to work for megalomaniacal meatball-faced wannabe bluesman James Dolan and C)the fact that the Knicks are an endless train wreck that, due to cap considerations, will continue to unfold in slow motion for the next several years, we can only say: please, Phil, take the job.

Not because we want to see the Knicks succeed. On the contrary, the endless ongoing saga of what should be one of the NBA's flagship franchises going all Costa Concordia provides constant amusement, reading material, and dare I say it, blog post fodder. 

Nor is it because we think your wizardly will automatically translate to success for the Knicks, or that your signing on will get Carmelo Anthony to sign on ad infinitum. After all, you've got no front office experience, so it's not a sure thing that you'll succeed at turning this particular barge of burning tires around. We're not saying it can't happen, simply that it's not guaranteed to happen; Pat Riley may have done the coach-to-GM thing well, but on the other hand, Don Nelson. As for Carmelo, it seems likely that he will be going where he can cash the largest checks - no judgment implied on that, and good on him for maximizing his earning potential - and if that's New York, it doesn't matter if they bring in Phil Collins to be the GM. 

No, it's because the only thing that will lure you to New York are A)total control of basketball operations B)a salary that, if delivered in small bills, would fill Grand Central Station to the rafters and C)ownership's willingness to deliver unto you an open checkbook. And we have no doubt that these things will be offered.


We look to the future. And we see a moment where James Dolan, forced to choose between bursting every blood vessel in his neck from trying to restrain his uncontrollable urge to meddle or being James Dolan, tells the New York Post he's a little "concerned" about some of Phil's moves and suggests that he might bring in Isaiah Thomas as a sounding board. At which point, they'll be able to hear the howling from Madison Square Garden in Seacaucus. 

So, please, Phil, take the job. The rest of us will enjoy watching what happens next.

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