Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Your Weekly ACC Update: Don't Fear The Turtle Edition

Last Saturday, while hanging out at a burger place waiting for my order, I noticed a factoid scrolling across the ticker at the bottom of the screen. It said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that ACC teams were 54-6 against non-conference opponents. Which, I must confess, impressed the hell out of me, as I hadn't realized they'd played 60 or so games against out of conference opponents.
Then the tag rolled by, and it a crucial factoid emerged: that was in reference to field hockey.
So without further ado, here's what happened this week:

Miami took care of Georgia Tech, which should surprise no one. Top 5 team Clemson demolished Syracuse by 5 touchdowns, which is what you're supposed to do if you're a Top 5 team and your opponent is Syracuse. Virginia Tech, which barely beat East Carolina, beat North Carolina, which lost to East Carolina. And Wake Forest beat North Carolina State in Winston-Salem, which happens with the regularity of the sun rising in the east. Seriously. NC State could recruit an offensive line made up entirely of cave trolls from Lord of the Rings, have Thor at quarterback, and use orbital lasers to vaporize Wake Forest's secondary, but if the game were played at Wake Forest, they'd still find a way to lose.

63-0, Florida State over Maryland. The turtle, suddenly not so scary.

Boston College beat Army. This is a good win in that if Boston College had not beaten Army, it would have been a terrible loss. With winnable games left against UNC, Syracuse, NC State and New Mexico State, it's entirely possible that the Eagles will be going bowling this year. That being said, there are 39 bowl games now. It's not quite the achievement it used to be.

Ball State 48, UVA 27. MAC teams are not supposed to run their big conference brethren out of the stadium. They're supposed to hang tough for a half and then choke it away in the 3rd quarter before slinking off back to play their conference schedule. Clearly, Ball State didn't get the memo. It's looking more and more like Week 1 was the highlight of the Wahoos' season.

Duke gets always-freaky-dangerous Navy, and Georgia Tech gets BYU. Maryland looks likely to hang 40 on UVA, and Clemson-BC has ugly written all over it.
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