Sunday, July 29, 2012

Observations from Today's Jays-Tigers Game

  • Jeff Mathis vs. Jose Valverde simply is not fair.
  • Anthony Gose vs. Jose Valverde, especially after Valverde has loosened up and is hitting 95 regularly, is even less fair.
  • I have never seen so many failed attempts to do the wave at a single game. And when it finally did get going, it went the wrong way.
  • Brett Cecil actually pitched a pretty good game. Peralta's first homer doesn't happen without an iffy defensive effort from Travis Snider on a ball hit to the wall in left, and both Fielder and Cabrera were off-balance and lunging all day.
  • Shutting down a Bautista-less Jays lineup isn't as hard as it could have been, but Doug Fister was masterful. Very few hard hit balls at all today, and basically none of them in the air.
  • If there is a just and kind God, there is a van in the Jays' player lot that has a painting of a wizard fighting a dragon while riding a polar bear on its side, and Colby Rasmus is the owner of that van. Also, the only two albums that have ever been played on that van's stereo are "Street Survivors" by Skynyrd and "Tarkus" by ELP.
  • Rajai Davis at the top of the Jays' lineup - a better idea than you'd think.
  • E5 playing first base - also better than you'd think.
  • Beers at Rogers Centre - about $4 more than you'd think.
  • The Jays ran when they could - Gerald Laird did not have a good day behind the plate for Detroit. Credit Fister with keeping them off the bases when it counted. Also, Gose really is that fast. Possibly faster. 
  • Overheard in the stands: "Why can't Snider give effort like that guy on the highlight reel?" "The guy in the highlight real is Snider." "So why can't he do that?"
  • Also overheard in the stands: "I wish everyone gave effort like Colby Rasmus." Somewhere, Tony LaRussa just felt a stabbing pain in one eye.
  • Two homers for Jhonny Peralta, and neither of them was an excuse-me shot.  Both to left-left center, and both were line drives. Prince, on the other hand, was hitting 300 foot moon shots all day, swinging at the first pitch and getting himself out.
  • Trying to explain how exactly Anthony Gose got to Toronto to someone who's got multiple tallboys of Stella in them just isn't going to work. Ever. Trust me.
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