Sunday, February 05, 2012

Yinzer-free Super Bowl Pick

God, I hate the Patriots.
So does (almost) everybody around here ("here" being western Pennsylvania).
It's not just that they knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs several years running. It's not just Spygate*. It's not just that their most zealous fans are jagoffs (a Pats fan and former neighbor named his dog "Bruschi"). It's not just the lack of sportsmanship that leads them to run up the score against inferior opponents.
It's all of that.
Giants by 3**.
* Read this article on Scott Pioli's behavior after coming to the Chiefs and tell me that the Patriots aren't still cheating in every way they can manage. Is this the behavior of a man who expects his opponents to operate fairly?
** Not that I'm going to get to watch it live; I'm coaching three youth futsal*** games this evening.
*** this
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