Sunday, February 05, 2012

Unscientific Ranking of Most Popular Topics at Super Bowl Week

  1. Peyton. Peyton Peyton Peyton
  2. Rob Gronkowski's ankle.
  3. Will this game make Tom Brady the greatest quarterback ever? (No.)
  4. Will this game make Bill Belichick the greatest coach ever? (No.)
  5. Peyton. Peyton Peyton Peyton Eli Peyton.
  6. Gosh, Indianapolis is nice.
  7. Is Eli better than Brady?
  8. Peyton Peyton Peyton. Irsay Peyton.
  9. Hey, Madonna's older than she was in 1986.
  10. TEBOW!
  11. Peyton Peyton Redskins Dolphins Peyton.
  12. Wait. The Giants are playing in this thing, too?
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