Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the Bright Side, Dan Shaughnessy Never Has To Try To Spell "Jagodzinski" Again

And we can all be grateful for that.

It is every worker's right to chase the best job they can find. By the same token, it is an employer's right to lay down reasonable rules of conduct, which can include not publicly chasing another job. This is, perhaps, particularly pertinent in something like coaching, whereby the fact that a coach having one foot out the door hurts the team in a number of ways. It means he's not paying full attention to what he's doing, and it dents recruiting. It's not like other coaches will hesitate to use the "Why commit there, the coach is leaving anyway" approach if it gives them a leg up on a recruit.

All of which is to say that Boston College has a perfect right to protect their business, in this case their football team, by dumping an employee who was devaluing it, and who had acted against formally stated institutional policy. The fact that most places of business don't have rules like "Interview with the New York Jets and you're fired" is irrelevant; both parties were within their respective rights, and what played out was the result of adults making grown-up decisions.

That being said, I'm still disappointed BC offensive coordinator Steve Logan didn't get the job after Jagodzinski got the boot. I had the pleasure of listening to Logan's radio show for a while after his stint at ECU, and it was entertaining, energetic, and presented in a southern accent you could spread on toast with jam. Combine that with Sully from Saugus calling in t' ask de coach er queschun, and, well, it's poetry. Sheer poetry.
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