Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eagles 23, Giants 11

Well, that was mildly unexpected. I'm not complaining, mind you, but I was expecting a steady diet of Brandon Jacobs and nothing but, and a final score that was more likely to be tilted in the Jints' favor. Instead, the Eagles did exactly what they did against Minnesota - kept it close while the offense figured itself out, then grabbed the lead and started squeezing. Watching this Eagles' defense - except on the plays where Jacobs was charging straight up the gut - is a lot like watching an anaconda have supper. It's not pretty, and it's often not exciting, but that poor sucker in the middle isn't going anywhere.

A game ball for this one goes to the Eagles' medical staff, who got Asante Samuel, Quinton Mikell and a goodly number of other players back on the field after in-game injuries. As much as I enjoy Sean Considine's patented "blitz then jump up in the air as the quarterback throws the ball by you" routine, without their starting DBs back there, the Eagles are much easier pickings, even for a wind-mussed Eli Manning.

Next week, Arizona in Arizona. Raise your hand if you're a filthy liar, err, if you saw that one coming.
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