Sunday, November 02, 2008

The worst argument yet for a neutral site World Series

It was either this outfit or my vintage Tigers jersey. Whaddaya think?

Add Buster Olney to the herd of ESPN personalities calling for a neutral-site World Series. What's his logic? Well, here's part of it:

In a place like Phoenix or San Diego, there could be daily charity golf tournaments, with fans being part of the scramble -- the John Smoltz Desert Classic on the first day, the Jeff Francoeur Invitational the second day, and so on.

Because what the World Series really should be about* is allowing sportswriters to go golfing between games.

*Of course, it is possible that he's saying "Look at all the neat side stuff MLB could do to make World Series Week-and-a-Half a mega-experience!" The problems with that take are A)it doesn't come across that way B)last time I checked, the World Series was supposed to be about baseball and C)the sorts of people who'd be attracted to the World Series by the possibility of going golfing with the players whose teams didn't make it are precisely not the sort of fans who will produce that rocking World Series atmosphere that adds so much to the games.
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