Sunday, November 16, 2008

BCS Bid? Anybody? Anybody?

So a handful of ACC teams go into today's play ranked because, well, someone from the ACC has to be, and in short order, they all lose. Maryland, which has been about as predictable as a Wile E. Coyote blueprint this year, takes down #16 UNC. Boston College confuses Florida State with the numerous extraneous consonants of Coach J's name and takes out the #19 Seminoles. And NC State pulls their annual late-season upset of an ACC frontrunner, this time taking out #20 Wake Forest. There are a horde of teams bunched up at the tops of the respective divisions, but honestly, whoever ends up stumbling into the BCS bid - right now, my money is on Coastal Division-leading Miami, in that Maryland looks likely to take the Atlantic Division, the Turtles are roadkill in road games, and the ACC championship game isn't played at College Park. Regardless, it seems highly likely that whoever comes out of the ACC is going to get massacred in their BCS bowl of choice, unless, of course, they get lined up against the champion of the Big East in the "yeah, we have to play this one, too" Bowl.

Speaking of the Big East, at least one team - Cincinnati - seems interested in a late-season charge. This is, of course, the same Cincy team that's currently being run by its third string quarterback, which is always a recipe for BCS success. It's almost odd, though, how completely the league has collapsed this year, especially coming after last year's dominant bowl showing. But preseason faves South Florida and West Virginia (whose much-touted offense is fourth in the conference in points scored) have imploded, early season darling Connecticut has remembered that it is, in fact, Connecticut, and Rutgers started its run too late. One can only hope that neither the Big East nor the ACC champion gets matched against the second-place Big 12 or SEC team, either of whom is liable to be pissed off and able to blow Miami, Cincinnati, Maryland, or really an all-star team made up of any and all of these guys right off the field.
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