Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tie, Redux

So Donovan McNabb didn't know you could tie in the NFL? Big deal. If there is any fault here, it's Andy Reid's, for not ensuring his quarterback was situationally aware.

Incidentally, lost in all the yammering about how NFL overtime sucks and the team that loses the coin flip is doomed is the fact that the fix, if one is needed, is very simple: make OT more like football. All of the proposed solutions - the knockoff college style, the "each team gets a shot" version, and so forth - make it less like football, less like the rules the rest of the game has been played under, and more like hockey, or soccer, or some other sport that beefy shirtless men who have painted themselves purple and orange so they can sit out in twelve degree weather and boo Jay Cutler wouldn't be caught dead watching.

You want OT to work? Make it like football. Instead of sudden death, make it a full quarter, regardless. And if there's a tie at the end of that quarter? Play another one. Hell, it worked for Miami and San Diego back in the day, and they're still talking about that game. Why not go to what worked? Why not keep the rules of your game consistent? Why not make football...more like football?

Just asking.
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