Sunday, May 27, 2007

Why They Oughtta...

Bud Selig oughtta stop waffling and announce he's going to be at the ballpark when Barry Bonds cracks #756. The longer he waffles, equivocates, and generally says nothing at great length on the issue, the more of a story he is. If he wants this to go away, he should say he's going there. Period.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays ougtta do two things with Elijah Dukes: Make sure he gets help, and get him off the field. If half the allegations against Dukes are accurate, then he's one dangerous, messed-up dude, and exactly the wrong sort of person to be representing the Tampa Bay franchise as it attempts to redefine its identity in a tough market. I saw Dukes play at Durham last year, and his talent is obvious and immense...but it's just baseball. If he really is threatening his wife's life, then baseball should be the last of anyone's concerns. Yes, Dukes is most assuredly innocent until proven guilty. That being said, right now he is at very best a distraction and a lightning rod for criticism, and it would be in both his best interest and the interest of his employers to get him out of the spotlight.

The New York Yankees oughtta be very, very worried, because the Red Sox are running away with the AL East despite the fact that Manny Ramirez and J.D. Drew are hitting like Lou Merloni with a hangover. Sooner or later they're going to heat up, and then the Boston lineup is going to get really, really scary. On the other hand, the Yankees' offense is being carried in large part by their 35 year old catcher. That sort of thing tends not to work terribly well over the long term.

Various members of the Texas Rangers oughtta be picking up cardboard boxes and address labels, because one way or another this team is going to be blown up, real soon. For all of the promise of players like Texeira, Blalock and the like, they've never jelled into a winning team (see: Phillies, comma, Philadelphia) and they've already slipped over the hump into diminishing-returns-land. Expect the big names to be gone while GM Jon Daniels tries to remake the team to save his job - or get it ready for his successor.

Rod Barajas oughtta learn that the key word in "getting the tag down" is "down".
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