Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I think they call this an abusive relationship...

For years, media types have been getting on baseball because the MLB amateur draft is not televised. Televise it, they said. Let people see the prospects! Get them excited about the rookies of tomorrow! Build the league's image! Give someone else besides Mel Kiper Jr. a chance to talk!

This year, MLB is partnering with ESPN to televise the draft. While it will surely not live up to the multi-month masturbatory frenzy of pseudo-informed blather on nickel backs out of Alcorn State that is the NFL Draft, it just might do some PR good, show off college baseball a bit more, and introduce fans to guys whose names they might be hearing one of these days.

Needless to say, MLB is getting roasted for this because, hey, who knows who these high school and college baseball players are?

That's the point gentlemen, and the reason you were agitating for this very thing not so long ago.The mind, it boggles.
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