Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Winter Meetings

Some day I'll go to the winter meetings.

Not to look for a job - I have no interest in working in baseball. Working in video games has made me acutely aware of the difference between people's perception of what is supposedly your magical elfilicious  dream job and the labor-intensive reality; I'm happy to stay on one end of that particular dynamic.

Nor do I want to go and blog and try to "scoop" something. For one thing, I'd probably get it wrong. For another, that's other folks' livelihood. Why would I want to step on that just so I could play Intrepid Boy Reporter for a couple of hours? No, it wouldn't be that at all.

No, what I really want is just to go and to soak in it for a couple of days. To see it happening around me, and finally put a real face on all those hot stove updates and rumor reports and breathless trade announcements. To maybe watch two guys walk through the lobby and realize belatedly who they are, and have the fun of speculating what trade they might be discussing (even though they're probably just discussing where to get dinner). 

Ultimately, it would just be so that I could say to myself that I'd been there. And that would be enough.
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