Saturday, December 10, 2016

On Not Doing Anything

It's natural to want your team to make a move.

Moves are exciting. Moves are fun. Moves give you something to dream on, especially in the offseason. 

Even better is the lead-in to a move, where the rumors are swirling and there's energy around your team and that whole will-they-won't-they pull the trigger thing is crackling in the air. The endless arguments over who might get included in a deal, what would constitute getting ripped off, what would constitute getting a steal. (Note: vis-a-vis the Adam Eaton deal - the Nationals got ripped off). 

But sometimes no move is the best move. Sometimes bringing in a stopgap solution that's marginally better than what you've got but blocks someone who might be much better down the road, isn't such a good thing. Sometimes dealing your best player just because you're not going to contend and everyone hopped up on too many bad fantasy baseball leagues says you have to dump if you're doing to make a run at the pennant, isn't as smart as hanging onto that guy because he's good and he's someone you can build around. 

Sometimes the smart thing is the dull thing, and that makes for a disappointing hot stove season. Yeah, the Phillies could have probably snagged J.D. Martinez, but does that block top prospects Nick Williams and Jorge Alfaro? What's the ultimate benefit? The answer's not well defined enough to demand a move.

Still, there's a world of difference between winning the offseason and winning on the field. Sometimes a little less excitement now means a lot more excitement later.

And there's always spring training to dream on.

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