Friday, August 12, 2016

Tim Tebow Wants To Play Baseball

So Tim Tebow wants to play baseball.

I mean, I'm sure he does. It's a great game. Lots of fun.


He's 29. Hasn't played organized baseball since high school. Is about to stand in against pitchers throwing 95 with movement and going to try to hit a round ball with a round bat in a way that Michael Jordan, whom I think we all can agree was probably a better professional athlete than Tebow, couldn't.

Tebow's chances of succeeding are minimal, and it's not because evil anti-Christians are going to deny him an opportunity because of his faith. Indeed, he's getting fast-tracked to the front of the line, getting an extra opportunity that hundreds, if not thousands of minor leaguers and independent leaguers and Mexican League ballplayers and dreamers would kill for. 

It ain't going to happen. In the end, we're left with a cynical branding exercise. Maybe Tebow's desire to play baseball is genuine. Maybe he really does think he can do it. Maybe he watched a few games and (foolishly) said to himself, "that doesn't look so hard". But ultimately, it's just another way to keep the Tebow brand fresh and exciting. And when this particular merry-go-round ride stops, nothing will have changed. 
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