Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Things to Remember About DeflateGate

In No Particular Order:

  1. Tom Brady almost certainly did something he shouldn't have.
  2. What he did wasn't really a big deal.
  3. He probably should get some punishment for it.
  4. The punishment for whatever he did remains disproportionate.
  5. However, the Patriots are repeat offenders, so they probably shouldn't have expected leniency or the benefit of the doubt.
  6. None of this matters, because Brady will file a legal appeal and the suspension will be kept on hold until the court case resolves, which will almost certainly be after Brady retires and it doesn't matter any more. 
  7. Even if the courts do uphold the suspension, Brady's getting to A)play in those games now and B)get paid now. You can do a lot with $1.88M if you put your mind to it.
  8. Five bucks says that if the suspension is upheld, Brady's contract will immediately get rejiggered so that he's taking a lot less money during the season when he's suspended and making it up on the back end or as a bonus.
  9. This all serves as a reminder of how screwed up and arbitrary the NFL discipline and rules process is. 
  10. At least half of the people now yowling about how screwed up and arbitrary the NFL discipline and rules process is were cheering on Roger Goodell's "strong stands" back when he was just suspending random New Orleans Saints. They do not take kindly to being reminded of this.
  11. Everyone south and west of Hartford, Connecticut, would like to kindly ask greater Boston sports fandom to shut the hell up about the martyrdom of St. Tom of Foxboro. Seriously, people, you're two steps away from tearful "LEAVE TOM ALONE" YouTube videos, and it's just awkward for all of us. 

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