Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Buck You

Still a Deer
Dear Owners of the Milwaukee Bucks:

I realize that the Rebranding and New Logo are necessary steps in the ritual dance of Get The Public To Pay For A New Arena. I appreciate that you did not suddenly decide to change the franchise's name to the Cheesemongers or the Zombie Unicorns or the Brett Favres. 


When your team mascot is a deer, you have limited options. 

So,  yes, you have a new "more aggressive" logo. It is still a deer. It is an angry deer (or, judging by those antlers, possibly a really horny deer - you do know what antlers are for, right?), but it is still a deer. And your logo tells me that your best offensive play next season is going to be getting really close to LeBron and hoping your mascot somehow manages to give him Lyme disease. 

May the rest of your planned stadium boondoggle go so well.
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