Saturday, November 29, 2014

An Eagles' Fan's Dearest Hope

Here is every Philadelphia Eagles fan's fondest wish:

That Dallas fans - and we include owner-GM Jerry Jones in this category - take a careful look at the 33-10 thumping the Eagles laid down on the Cowboys on Thanksgiving and come to the following conclusion - that what they really need at quarterback is a guy like Mark Sanchez. No, scratch that, what they really need at quarterback is Mark Sanchez and they start beating the drum for the 'pokes to acquire Sanchez by hook or by crook. 

Because never mind Sanchez's long track record of mediocre play, or the fact that he looked like a JV high school QB against the Packers, or the impressive number of drives he's led that have stalled out in the red zone. He beat the Cowboys, and he beat them badly, and so they must throw aside the perfectly good (and 7-2 all time on Thanksgiving) Tony Romo for the Sanchize.

As I said, it is an Eagles' fan's fondest dream.
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