Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scenes From A (Minor League) Home Run Derby

No snark today, just images from last night's AAA All-Star Home Run Derby. I took my Dad, we had a good time, and once the softball players were done parking shots on the roof of the building you see next to the sign in the first pic, we settled in for the main event.

And the dog act that came with it.
The children, unleashed in the outfield to shag flies

First man up, Omaha's Francisco Pena

Matt Hague of Indianapolis

Mets farmhand Allan Dykstra of the Las Vegas 51's

Jesus Aguilar of Columbus. He is a very, very large human being.

Hometown hero Mikie Mahtook, who was unfortunately shut out

Between rounds entertainment. None of them went for Wool E. Bull, thank God.

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