Monday, September 23, 2013

Your Weekly ACC Update

Another week, another game against Bethune-Cookman for the league...

Wake Forest 25, Army 11 - hey, it's a FBS program. They'll take it.
Maryland whupped up on Big 12 new kids West Virginia by 37. The Terps are a surprising 4-0, driven largely by their defense, and hanging the pelt of a big name program on the wall gives the team - and league - credibility that thumping Connecticut doesn't.
Of course, Maryland's leaving the league shortly. C'est la vie.

Virginia/Florida State/Miami over VMI/Savannah State/Bethune-Cookman, 180-13. Considering that the glory days of VMI's ground game came to an end at the Battle of Chancellorsville, this isn't necessarily surprising.
Syracuse beat Tulane, 52-17. That's 2 in a row for the 'cuse, but one can't help but wonder if there's a Hall of Justice-like HQ somewhere for all the former great Syracuse RBs are hanging out and shaking their heads.

Pitt beat Duke in what appeared to be a televised 7-on-7 scrimmage, scoring the second most points in a game in ACC history. That's 1130 yards of total offense, in case you were counting. God help either of these teams when they hit someone with a pass rush.
Georgia Tech beat North Carolina, which was the expected result of this perfectly normal football game. 

Clemson needed a little help from the refs to avoid Clemsoning against NC State, which would have been a shaving cream pie to the face for the entire league. If the refs make the correct inbounds call on Bryan Underwood's 83-yard-touchdown-scamper-that-wasn't, it's a very different ballgame. As it was, the Wolfpack, deprived of 7 points and a lead, promptly proceeded to fumble and thus Clemson a game with Clemson.
Virginia Tech needed 3 overtimes and a dropped pass to shake off Marshall, which hasn't been relevant since the Pennington-Leftwich-Moss days. That's two close calls in a row for the Hokies, who presumably are distracted by the ongoing difficulty in trying to explain to anyone not from Virginia Tech what exactly a Hokie is.

Boston College, who saw the USC team that pulverized them turn around and barely scrape by Utah State.

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