Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Upcoming NFL Specials

After the success of ESPN's three-hour special on the unveiling of this fall's schedule, broadcasters have announced a number of new football specials for the serious enthusiast.
  • Unsung Heroes, a continuing series about front-office employees. Their trials and tribulations, and previously unanswered questions (does the mailroom guy get tickets? good tickets?).  Each week will focus on a different club.  Wait until you hear about the wacky hijinks of the Houston Texans' IT department!
  • None And Done, a poignant look at the fast-food and car-wash careers of young men who neglected free educations at some of the finest universities in the world, left their degree programs early to declare for the draft, and then overate/lazed/doped themselves into being cut before playing a single game. (Editor's note: I would actually watch this one)
  • Call It In The Air, a special aimed at the coin toss.  Coin toss controversies of the past (which is to say, the 1998 Steelers-Lions Thanksgiving Day game, and anything else the NFL Films guys can scrounge up), styles and techniques, and proposals to replace the coin toss with games such as Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Stay tuned! The NFL Network will soon be filling its airtime with equally valuable programming!

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